Column Date 2011-09-19


Your response to our recent poll has been truly overwhelming! Thanks to all our worldwide readers, from New York to the U.K. to Australia, who sent us their views.


Here, to refresh your memory, is our single question survey, followed by a few responses we thought we’d share.


Q. Since both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry said that God called them to be president, which of the following statements best describes the explanation?


a. God is off his meds

b. There are actually two Supreme Beings

c. Someone is fibbing

d. Other (please elaborate)



Both Bachmann & Perry are off THEIR meds. God's doing just fine, thank you, and doesn't really need their uninformed opinions.”  Donna G.


“My suspicion is that the candidates have confused ‘The Supreme Being’ with ‘The Supremes’ and, in their religious fervor, they are hearing separate voices from a group.”      Phil S.


“The obvious answer is that it was a conference call.”      Glenn M.


“God is talking to me. He said they are both morons.”      Greg T.


“God/Higher Power/Universe clearly has a sense of humor - funny how two Republicans can so decidedly resemble two asses!” Carolyn F.


Bachmann and Perry are actually the same person.” Ted M.


“Maybe God is just hedging her bets.” Ann T.


“God must be using a robo-calling service.” Brian E.


“There is no god, but let’s hope that the Devil gets both of them!” Walter B.


“I think that Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry are actually talking to the devil disguised as God and neither one of them is smart enough to know it.” Susan A.


The God who has been misleading Bachmann and Perry is apparently Descartes' Evil Demon, or Evil Genius, whom Descartes countered with doubt: a palliative with which they seem to be unfamiliar.”  Doug B.


“(Let us not forget)...George W. Bush claimed that God spoke through him, which led us to believe that God was inarticulate.” Roy D.


And last, but not least:


It is: To whom is God talking. Remember, it’s ‘For whom the bell tolls,’ not ‘Who's that bell tolling for...’” Anthony P.



And thank you again, Dr. Bob Schnee, for helping us put things in perspective, and for coming up with this insightful political survey.



(c) 2011 Peter Tannen




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