Column Date 2011-09-06


The situation:


Both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry have gone on record as saying that God called them to be president.


This poses an obvious dilemma for which we, at the Tannen Weekly, have no answer.


So with the help of Dr. Bob Schnee, our research guru from Good News Research, LLC, we present a brief survey so our readers can help us figure out what’s going on.


Here is Dr. Schnee’s simple survey (completion time - 30 seconds):


Since both the above named people said that God called them to be president, which of the following statements best describes the explanation?


a. God is off his meds


b. There are actually two Supreme Beings


c. Someone is fibbing


d. Other (please elaborate)



Please send your answers to


Results will be published in 12 months in The Journal of Irreproducible Results. Hopefully.

(c) 2011 Peter Tannen

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