Column Date 2011-08-12


Wait. Did I get that wrong?


Well, clearly, it’s not the meek who will inherit the earth anytime soon, in spite of what it says in Matthew 5:5.


Right now the meek are out of work, their savings have disappeared, and their houses are being foreclosed.


It’s the rich who are on the fast track to inherit the earth. And they think they deserve it, as the rich have always thought.


(By the way, when the rich inherit the earth, do you think they’ll actually pay taxes on their inheritance? No siree. They already own all the congressmen they need to bring the estate tax down to absolute zero.)


But I digress. What about the meek?


Well, here’s the only conclusion I can reach: if the meek want to inherit the earth, or at least their fair share of it, they’ve got to get really mad. And soon.


Mad at the enormous gap between the super-wealthy and the rest of us.


Mad at how our congress has been bought, lock, stock and barrel, by the billionaires and the corporations they control.


Mad at how, in the richest country the world has ever known, there are millions of good people who are poor, hungry and without medical care.


So here’s the question: when will the meek get mad?


They always do, of course. (See: the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution, the Philippine ‘People Power’ Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, the Romanian Revolution, the Siamese Revolution, the Iranian Revolution, the current fighting in Libya, the current fighting in Syria, the current rioting in England, etc.)


Which leads us to a serious philosophical question:


If the meek get mad, and yell and picket and have million-person marches in Washington, well, then they’re not really meek anymore, are they?


And if this “no longer meek” group inherits the earth, where does that leave Matthew 5:5?


Just a thought.



(C) 2011 Peter Tannen




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