Column Date 2011-06-28


(Washington, D.C., Special to the Tannen Weekly) Sources in Washington confirmed today that the cost of buying a congressman or senator dropped dramatically in the last quarter.


According to the Government Bribery Oversight Commission, the KBBI (Koch Brothers Bribery Index) hit an all-time low of 29.48 at the close of business on July 1st.


Political economists report that the cost of a single-issue vote in congress fell sharply to $3,850, from $5,000 in the previous congressional session.


As expected, the vote of a senior senator maintained a 25% premium over that of his junior colleague, while the vote of a committee chairman slid 3% to $7,500.


The cost of buying a representative for an entire session held its ground, ranging from $175,000 for an influential leader of the majority party, to less than $95,000 for a minority spokesperson.


On ‘hot-button’ social issues, however, the cost to buy a vote was unchanged, despite a substantial price drop in ‘low interest’ categories such as education and environmental protection.


Citing the slow economy, analysts predict that bribery prices will remain flat for the upcoming session.


(c) 2011 Peter Tannen




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