Column Date 2011-05-04

Quick -- can you name your state's official weapon?

As state after state jumps on the ‘official weapons bandwagon,’ we thought we’d review which states have chosen what as their official weapon.


It started, as you may recall, last March in Utah, where the state legislature selected the John M. Browning M1911 pistol, as their official firearm.


The M1911 joined other state symbols such as Utah’s official tree (blue spruce) and the official state cooking pot (the Dutch oven).


A few weeks later, Arizona picked the Colt single action Army revolver as its official state gun, despite the fact that it is manufactured in Connecticut. 


Yesterday, rumors were flying around Austin, Texas that lawmakers were close to naming the Airtronic MK 777 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher as the official weapon of the State of Texas.


Vigorously denying this was a reaction to Arizona and Utah naming their own state weapons first, a legislative spokesperson said:


“We’ve been thinking on this for a while now. We just figure that, well, being Texans, we should have something more substantial that just a little handgun.”


He pointed out that the MK777 is handy for the average Texan to use when confronted with light armor, main battle tanks, bunkers, and infantry lurking behind barriers and walls.


In other breaking news, the state of New York, by unanimous vote, named its own official weapon: irony.


(c) 2011 Peter Tannen



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