Column Date 2009-12-31

Nudists offer to fly naked to help national security

Sarasota, FL (Special to the Tannen Weekly). Citing the need for improved security on airline flights, members of the Lido Beach Nudist Club said they planned to fly naked on their club's next trip to a resort in Amsterdam.

"If the government is seriously looking for ways to stop terrorism on airplanes," a club spokesperson said, "this is a no-brainer."

"Why spend millions of dollars on expensive body scanning equipment?" asked another club member. "If everybody flew naked, one quick glance by TSA agents is all the security we'll need."

A prominent local church official questioned the idea, saying "Nobody who has led a good life should be afraid of dying and going to heaven. But walking around naked is immoral."

Nudist Club officials said the flight to Amsterdam is completely sold out.

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