Column Date 2009-12-27

Take an Evangelical Christian to lunch

No joke.

That's my first New Year's resolution.

Because we all seem to live in our own little bubbles these days: liberals watching nothing but liberal talk shows, conservatives watching nothing but conservative talk shows, Democrats talking only to fellow Democrats, Republicans only to fellow Republicans, and so on.

So, in the spirit of "put yourself in the other fella's shoes" -- and to hopefully make all of us a bit more tolerant of dissenting views -- here are some other resolutions you may want to consider:

Take a devout Muslim to lunch.

Take an Orthodox Jew to lunch.

Have a drink with a liberal.

Have a drink with a conservative.

Start a USA foreign exchange program: people from a red state would visit you in your blue state, and vice-versa.

Take a walk in a gated community. Then take a walk in a ghetto.

Visit a school in a wealthy suburb. Then visit a school in a black/hispanic inner city area.

All of us at the Tannen Weekly wish you a happy, healthy, and laugh-filled New Year -- enriched with new ideas from new friends.

(c) 2009 Peter Tannen