Column Date 2008-08-07

Who would you pardon? Match President Bush's choices and win a prize!

Who will Bush pardon? Who will he ignore? Take your pick, and you could win this exciting new Tannen Weekly contest!

It's easy to enter:

1. Check out the list (below) of public figures who have either applied for a presidential pardon, or who, in the opinion of the Tannen Weekly staff, ought to.

2. Send us an e-mail with your top 5 picks from the list -- people you think Bush will definitely pardon. Feel free to add your own felons.

3. The entry with the most correct answers wins. In case of a tie, the winner's name will be drawn from a hat.

First (and only) Prize: lunch with Pete Tannen at a mutually convenient location.

Here's our random list:

Michael Milken (indicted, 98 counts of racketeering, securities fraud)
Randy Cunningham (Republican Congressman, CA, accepted $2.4 million in bribes)
Edwin W. Edwards (Democratic Governor, Louisiana, sentenced to 10 years for racketeering)
John Walker Lindh (the "American Taliban," currently in prison for fighting US troops in Afghanistan)
Lewis Libby, Jr. (Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, indicted on federal obstruction and perjury charges)
Jack Abramoff (Republican lobbyist, indicted on multiple felony charges)
Bob Ney (Republican Congressman, Ohio, pleaded guilty to corruption charges; see Jack Abramoff)
William Jefferson (Democratic Congressman, LA, indicted for bribery, racketeering, money laundering)
George Ryan (Republican Governor, Illinois, convicted of corruption; now in federal prison)
Eliott Spitzer (Democratic Governor, NY, involved with high-priced prostitution ring; under ethics investigation)
Ted Stevens (Republican Senator, Alaska, indicted by federal grand jury on seven counts of corruption)
Conrad Black (newspaper mogul; diverted corporate funds for personal use; sentenced to 78 months in prison)
Martha Stewart (convicted of insider trading, conspiracy, and making false statements to federal investigators)
Tom Delay (Republican Majority Leader, indicted on criminal charges for conspiring to violate campaign finance laws)
Rick Renzi (Republican Congressman, AZ, indicted for money laundering, extortion, and wire fraud).
J. Steven Griles (Deputy Sec'y of the Interior, guilty of obstructing justice, lying in testimony before the Senate)
Craig Washington (Democratic Congressman, TX, indicted on charges of second-degree aggravated assault)
Kyle "Dusty" Foggo (CIA Exec. Director, indicted for money laundering, fraud, conspiracy dealing with defense contracts)
Mark Siljander (Republican Congressman, MI, indicted for money laundering, conspiracy, obstructing justice)

So pick your top 5 felons -- those people you think really deserve our country's compassion and forgiveness -- and e-mail them to us ASAP.

The winner will be announced as soon as President Bush makes his decisions.

Good luck!

©2008 Peter Tannen